About Us

It is the BORDERS ATHLETICS aim to work with other organisations such as the Scottish Athletics , National Athletics bodies and other Borders Sports Groups to give you the Athlete the best opportunity to compete and improve your athletic profession. To do this we provide you with events across the Borders Region during the racing season.

By entering any Borders Athletics affiliated games using the entry booklet (copies can be downloaded from Invalid download ID.), you automatically register with Borders Athletics.
Over the course of the summer there will be Games on each weekend either as part of the local festival activities or as at Tweedbank these events will be put on to support the athlete during the non-festival weekends.

So why were we formed?

The members of the Border Games felt that to deliver the best service to the Athlete over the athletics season then we had to provide sports during the weekends that were currently not booked in the calendar. To allow us to do this with full commitment then we had to fund these additional games ourselves, as a result it made sense to form an organisation to support these new games and also help promote the Border Games. And so the BORDERS ATHLETICS (BA) was born.

Help us to help you!

It is our intention to be fully transparent and open to suggestion, criticism and feedback, BA is designed to be run for the benefit of the athlete, it is your Borders Games, it is your BORDERS ATHLETICS, so have your say and make us deliver meetings that are enjoyable and meet your expectations.