Rules Of Border Athletics



Rule 1


The B.A. Membership will be made up of twelve members, namely, Earlston, Hawick, Selkirk, Peebles, Kelso, Jedburgh, Innerleithen, Oxton, Langholm, Morebattle, City of Edinburgh Running Festival and Lauder. Maximum of two representatives per Games.


New Members may be added with approval of the current Members.


Rule 2

Each of these Member Games will have one single vote in all matters.


Rule 3


A Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer will be elected from the representatives to serve a one year term.


Annual elections for the posts in Rule 3.1 will be held at Annual General Meeting in April.


Rule 4

A change to the Memorandum of Association or Rules of the B.A. can only take place at the A.G.M. The proposed change must appear in the A.G.M. agenda. There must be a minimum of five Members Games, in attendance at the A.G.M., in agreement with the change for the change to take place. No Proxy voting allowed.


Rule 5


The annual fee for membership is set at £50, payable before the 1st April annually.


The annual fee will be reviewed at the AGM and any changes can only be applied at the AGM.


The B.A. rules are in place to assist Member Games in operating their individual games.


Rule 6


B.A. will collect an Athletes Levy of 10 per cent of entry money from all Member Games.


Any changes to the levy will be reviewed at the AGM


Rule 7


Athletes must complete an entry form for every Games entered, before entry can be accepted.


A set of numbers will be issued FREE annually at first games entered. These numbers must be worn back & front at all games where bibs are not supplied, failure to wear official numbers will result in disqualification. If numbers are lost or otherwise not available the Athlete must obtain replacement numbers from the Registration Desk at a cost of £2.


Upon completing entry form Athletes are accepting all of the B.A. Rules and agree to comply with them.


Rule 8

No new competitor may register under an assumed name or address. Any attempt will result in a lifetime ban.


Rule 9

In Open events competitors must be 16 years of age or over on 1st June in that year. In Youth/Junior events competitors minimum age is 9 and maximum age is  16 on 1st June in that year. Competitors in Youth/Junior events must provide proof of date of birth at first entry.


Rule 10

Competitors who are 16 years before the 1st June should run as adults. Competitors reaching the age of 16 years between 2nd June and the end of August must decide to run as Youths or as an Adult for the entire season and inform the BA as to their decision.


Rule 11

All Handicappers, Starters, Judges and other Officials  must abide by the rules of the B.A.


Rule 12

No Handicapper, Starter, Judge or other Official is allowed to engage in betting or bookmaking or,  training/ coaching of any Athlete whilst officiating at B.A. Games.


Rule 13


Entry monies including B.A.Levy must be paid over to the Handicapper at the time of entry before the closing date set by the Member Games. NO LATE ENTRIES.


If Athletes name is not printed in the Member Games programme due to Printers or Handicapper error proof must be provided before entry can be accepted.


Rule 14


It is the Athletes responsibility to inform the handicapper concerned of any winning performance at Member Games or at any venue  not covered by the B.A. Failure to do this will result in disqualification.


Any monies gained at that B.A. venue prior to discovery of the failure to disclose shall be subject to forfeiture.


Rule 15


Athletes may question a Handicapper verbally about their mark in relation to a previous mark given by that Handicapper. If query is related to marks allocated by another Handicapper or following a verbal discussion as above then a complaint form must be completed, signed, and passed to the Handicapper concerned.


The handicapper concerned must complete the complaint form and return to the Athlete within two weeks. If the athlete is unhappy with the response of the handicapper they may pass the complaint form on to the B.A. Secretary along with a fee of £20.


The B.A. will appoint an Appeals Panel to discuss information provided and make a ruling. Both parties must abide by the findings. The £20 fee may be refunded at the Appeals Panel discretion. No third party may be involved in these procedures.


Rule 16


Athletes must leave the track area after they have competed. Loitering on or around the track area is detrimental to the viewing potential of the paying public and without them we will have no Games to attend.


Rule 16.1 is applicable to Coaches and Trainers who should not be inside the track area.


Rule 17

In 200m & lap races where heats take place Athletes waiting for their heat should go to the outside of the track, where possible, otherwise go behind the scratch mark of that event to allow a full view to Officials and Spectators.


Rule 18

Athletes are not allowed to practice starting using report of Starters pistol.


Rule 19

Any Athlete giving verbal and /or physical abuse to any Official will be ejected from the Games and reported to the B.A. for future actions.


Rule 20

Athletes who are found to have made a deliberate attempt to mislead the Handicapper or Officials will be disqualified and reported to the B.A. for future action.


Rule 21

Any Athlete who is adjudge to have wilfully jostled, obstructed or run wide another Athlete may be disqualified by the Officials appointed.


Rule 22


Games Officials have the authority to carry out random inspection of running shoes and equipment.


The inspection will be completed in full view of the athlete


Rule 23

The Handicapper may place an Athlete behind scratch, if, they have previously been successful from scratch or virtual scratch, irrespective of the fact that the event is advertised as being over a given distance.


Rule 24

Any Official may stop a race for safety reasons. Otherwise only the appointed Starter and Recall Marksman may stop a race once in progress.


Rule 25

Starters orders in sprint events are:- “ Get to your marks” and when Athletes are seen to be steady, “ Get Set” the Starter will then fire the start pistol when he feels Athletes are ready.


Rule 26

Starters orders in distance events are:- A whistle will be blown to signifyGet Set” this will be followed by the pistol fire.


Rule 27


Athletes going over their mark with hand or foot when under Starters orders, prior to  report of start pistol, will be penalised 1m in sprint events & 200m, 2m in 400m, 5m in 800m, & 10m in 1600m & 3200m.


Where second offence occurs penalty is doubled, and third offence is elimination.


Rule 28


The finish will be a White line drawn across the track at right angles to the track. Poles will be placed at each end of the White line and wool will be stretched and fastened between them, this is to aid the Judges in their decisions.


Athletes will be judged to have finished a race when their Torso crosses the finish line.


Athletes who fall at the finish must cross the line with their whole body to gain a place.


Rule 29

Judges should be at least four metres back from, but in line with, the finish, and should be provided with raised steps. Judges decision is final.  In the event Official Video equipment is available Judges should refer to this in all close finishes.


Rule 30

Athletes in a dead heat will proceed to next round in their own right.


Rule 31

Anyone coaching an Athlete from inside the arena is breaking Rule 16.2, will be reported to the B.A. for further action. The Athlete who has been coached may be disqualified at the discretion of the Officials.


Rule 32

Protests by an Athlete against another Athlete must be made to the Judges prior to result being announced. The Judges in conjunction with the Games Convenor/Referee will give a decision on the day. This decision is final.


Rule 33

Doping in or out of competition is strictly forbidden by the B.A. and is an offence. The rules, controls, & procedures, are listed at  Athletes should make themselves aware of the LIST OF PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES by contacting the  UKSPORT helpline on 020 7211 5130 or at


Rule 34

If an Athlete pulls out of an event after qualifying for a further round of that event they will not be allowed to compete in another event during that meeting.


Rule 35

Failing to declare as a runner will result in an Athlete being disqualified.  It is up to the Athlete to ensure they are declared as competing when the race announcement is made.


Rule 36


If after declaring as a runner an Athlete decides not to compete, they must ensure this is relayed to the announcement table.


If rule 36.1 is persistently broken by the Athlete then disciplinary action will be taken.


Rule 37


An Athlete who wins an event will have a penalty to their handicap in other events on that day.


The Athlete must contact the Handicapper before competing in any further events on that day in order to get their penalty. Failure to do this will result in disqualification.


Rule 38

If an Athlete qualifies for a semi final (cross tie) or final in an event, they should not take part in another event until they have taken part in that final until they have taken part in that semi final (cross tie) or final. If the athlete withdraws from the semi final (cross tie) or final, they will not be allowed to run in any other event on that day.


Rule 39

Protest reference a result must be lodged prior to the next event being started.  Protest should be made to B.A. Official along with a fee of £20.  B.A. Official along with Judges will immediately review disputed result, their decision will be final. The £20 fee may be refunded at discretion of B.A. Official.